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This Website is a Digital Designers Homepage.

Please be aware that I am currently in the process of a complete site overhaul. The purpose of this overhaul is to focus on currently active endeavours and to develop a tighter more lean site that better reflects my current ideals, etc.. However please note that this may be quite a slow process as time is equally as lean.

I have attempted to make this website as accessible to most browser applications as possible but cannot promise that all features will be displayed as intended; even as modern browsers continue to standardize their interpretation of HTML and XML there are caveats, and even so not every user chooses to use the latest or greatest of browsers.

Although I hope everything you may find on this site you will find of interest, the very nature of this site deems it likely that there may be periods where certain features are broken, that webpages of interest appear and disappear overnight, or that publishing updates are infrequent.

Most of the content and features herein are a personal endeavor, to improve and refine my hard coding web design skills and to display such artistic talents as I have along with some other interests on the modern stage.

The moment I switch a computer on I forget why I switched on and I continue to do the million other things that I never thought I needed or wanted to do before switching on. And then when switching off again I remember that thing I didn't do, the one thing I originally switched on for, and I give in... I am lost in the Current!


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