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This is a Digital Designers Home-studio, not everybody's cup of tea :)

Please check out the Info if you want to know more about this site or to give some feedback in the simple form provided. You don't need to give contact details or anything. There is also a very brief mission statement.

Well I have been picking up some new skills this year and hope to be able to put them to use here at some point – the overhaul is well overdue! These things tend to get put on the backburner unless there is a big spill of time to scoop into the mix.

As I've been working in different jobs and learning new things I haven't been painting or developing for myself at all really. This is a bit of a drag as I wish I could do both. I have a canvas ready and am thinking about what kind of picture I would like to create but do not have anything specific in mind. Similarly I would like to do something new on the development front.

The moment I switch a computer on I forget why I switched on and I continue to do the million other things that I never thought I needed or wanted to do before switching on. And then, when switching off again I remember that thing I didn't do, the one thing I originally switched on for, and I give in... I am lost in the Current! But I am not alone.


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